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Oct 22, 2012 10:30pm EDT
the company's are shutting down and sabotaging the economy, you cannot expect a turnaround. that is what obama means by the rich helping out more. but these guys are sabotaging the economy. i am in perfect example of [inaudible] [unintelligible] guest: 84 taking my call. -- thank you for taking my call. i think governor romney has won all the debates. i have been out of work since the beginning of this year, trying desperately to get back. i am waiting for a brand new president. i believe and i know in my own heart that governor romney will help the middle class. we do not need obama for another four years. has ruined this country and like the second to last caller said, the american people need to wake up. and vote republican for governor romney. >> on our facebook page, an unscientific survey. the focus on foreign-policy. you can weigh in. bonnie determined to avoid it. what does that say about where each camp sees the race. an undecided voter of louisiana. host: -- >> they got away from the foreign-policy and they started talking about the domestic economy. i've tried to
Oct 23, 2012 1:00am EDT
paula. caller: i have a comment about foreign policy. we have had more terrorist attacks since obama has taken office. obama leaked information and that is why one of our navy seals is dead. since obama has been president, there are allies in the middle east that do not like us. obama would not meet with israel's prime minister or with the un right after the crisis in libya and the middle east. he was too busy campaigning. host: thank you for the call. donald is an undecided voter joining us from south carolina. caller: after tonight, i have made my decision. president obama is the man for the job. host: why do you say that? caller: he has done practically what he really set out to do. the economy, i understand. he did not create the problem with this economy. he really has the economy back on track. he said he was going to go into afghanistan because that is where the people were hiding out. he went in there and got osama bin laden. tonight, i made my decision because i was looking at governor romney when he was talking and he really did not know what he was really talking about. you co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2